why is this thanksgiving different from all other thanksgivings?

in some ways, it isn't.

thanksgiving three years ago, fema closed up shop for the residents of lower manhattan and chinatown who'd suffered catastrophic business losses after 9/11.  at christmas, the epa closed its hotline for cleanup.

the fine tradition of pulling-the-rug-out-from-under-the-populace-while-they're-otherwise-engaged lives today.  see article below on how the gvt is preparing for peak oil:  'court backs quick permits for mountain coal mines.'  note the effect of these mines so far on 1200 miles of mountain streams.

the moral?  it pays to read the paper on holidays.

meanwhile, as everyone heads off to their respective kitchens or in-laws', a few are thinking intently, if only to themselves, of one person:  ken deffeyes.

for today's the day, in case you needed reminding.  apres moi, says this thanksgiving, la deluge.

let's hope we're all wrong, that by anticipating disaster we appease the wrathful gods who have in mind more just desserts than pumpkin pie.