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Review of Petrocollapse Conference in Dailykos


World Trade Center Environmental Organization's Peak Oil Articles 

Interview with Robert Hirsch, lead author of Peak Oil Study for Dept. of Energy

Peak Freak

For What It's Worth:  Lobbying on Peak Oil

SAIC Advisor Warns of Peaking of World Oil Production

Double Whammy:  What Happens When Population Growth Meets Resource Depletion

Why is This Thanksgiving Different From All Other Thanksgivings?

Say You Survive Die-off; Then What?

The Cow From One End to the Udder

Triage of Remaining Oil Resources

Strange Bedfellows:  Making Friends in a Post-Peak World

"Leave Us Alone; China Pollutes Too"

WTC Illnesses Vs. Bird Flu in the Press:  A Study in Contrasts

Rumblings of Discontent:  DOE's Office of Classification

The FTW Burglary

The Other New Yorker Article:  Bodine Intervention in Human Affairs (for Act 2 Blog)

When Last Week's Terror Seems Like History

Wagging the Dog:  A Booming Economy Leaves Water, Food Supplies and People in the Dust

Absurd that It Should Be Necessary to Articulate This

GROUND ZERO  September 11, 2006  8:35 A.M.

Smoking Gun:  Documents Reveal Christie Todd Whitman May be Guilty of Felonies

The Other Energy Speech:  James Woolsey at NYU

Government Intervention Needed to Control Climate Change

American People Must Free Their Country:  Hugo Chavez

That Rumbling You Hear is the Crumbling of the Empire

Peak Oil Conference NYC October 5

WTC Environmental Organization's Intro and Speech ("How They Get Away With It:  The Devil's in the Details") for the Conference  Audio

Article on Dirty Bomb guidelines exposing public to a 1 in 4 cancer risk and corroborating above speech

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Under the Radar:  Peak Oil News You May Have Missed  

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Headlines and Links

Properties of Hydrocarbons

Interview with Hezbollah Gen'l Secretary

June 23- July 2

Israeli Firm Suspected of Trying to Smuggle Drones to China

Iran Bourse to Open

Iran Oil Bourse to Open First Week in May

China Official Urges Cut in Dollar Holdings

Angola Passes Saudi Arabia as China's Main Supplier

Pacific Islands Eye China's Rise

Echelon-Ferranti:  Smart Energy Monitoring

Concern Over Chinese Computers To Be Bought By US State Dept

Russia Denies Providing Intelligence to Iraq in 2003

ExxonMobil Stops Production at Venezuela Field

Iran Denies Euro-based Bourse

Maoists in Indian Forest

U.S. Marines Intelligence Probes Ethnic Tension in Iran

NY/NJ Ports under UAE Control

Congressman Ron Paul:  The End of Dollar Hegemony

Negroponte Testimony on Threats

Rebuilding Iraq:  GAO

Nuclear Mergers

Yemen Jail:  13 Al-Qaeda Escape

Echelon Gets Energy Contract in Holland

Krassimir Petrov: The Proposed Iranian Oil Bourse as recommended by Mike Ruppert  William Clark on Proposed Iranian Bourse

Enron Redux?  "More zeroes than they should have:" Energy Shell Game


Karzai fires two officials for Spying

Lonrho Buys Equatorial Guinea Port  NASA to Study Hurricanes in Africa  Electricity an Issue in Gambian Election  Chad Reestablishes Relations with China, Upsetting Taiwan  Gvt Seeks 7.4 Billion$ for Water Pipeline  U.S. Farmers:  Subsidy Program Unfair to African Farmers   Chad's Oil Dreams Turning Sour  Journalist Arrested in Gambia  Two Journalists Murdered in Angola  Crackdown on Journalists in Gambia  Texas Company Records Seized for Drilling Off A. Coast  U.S. to Set Up Sea Radar in Sao Tome  NATO War Games  C. Africa:  Oil Production Expected to Fall  Nigeria Yielding Oil Territory to Cameroon  Angola, Cuba to Cooperate in Oil Field  Chad:  Rebels and Military Clash  Angola, Sudan to Become OPEC Members   OPEC Considers Angola, Sudan    Hydrocarbons Found Off Coast Nigeria/Sao Tome  Equatorial Guinea to Supply Fuel to Zimbabwe  Possible Review of Nile Treaties  China Gets Nigerian Rights  Lonhro Buys Only Deepwater Port in Equitorial Guinea  West Africa Holds Joint Military Exercises with U.S.  China Seeks Uranium in Zimbabwe  China to Help Hydroelectric Power in Ethiopia  Chad Threatens to Withhold Oil  Angolan Magazine in Russia  China Goes Where DOE Fears to Tread  Angola sets up Bank Despite IMF Warnings  Cuba/Angola  No Breakthrough in Chad Talks with World Bank  Mittal steel Mining/Drilling  Gambia Military Partnership with U.S.  Gabon Cameroon Military Cooperation  No Oil Deal E. Guinea/Zimbabwe  Somali Pirates Attack S. Korean Ship  Iran Interests in Guinea  Angola Opening to Foreign Investment(?)  Zimbabwe Pleads for Fuel fr E. Guinea  South African Firm Gets Rail Deal Ethiopia/Djibouti  Angola Approves Sea Law  Gambia FM Visits Cuba  Angola Approves Treaty on Gulf of Guinea  11 Days' Worth of Oil Found Near Gabon  Zimbabwe Hopes for Oil Deal in E. Guinea  Mosquito Nets and Bribes in Equatorial Guinea    Gabon vs. Equatorial Guinea in Island Dispute  Congo Faces Elections  COMESA to Rout Terrorism  Refinery in Angola  Well-Equipped Pirates in Somalia  Kenya to Get Power from South Africa  Ethiopia/Japan Agreement on Fertilizer  East African Drug Trafficking   Oil Discoveries Expected in East Africa  Pros and Cons of East Africa Development  Togo Leader Visits China  East Africa on Bird Flu Alert  Lake Victoria Drying Up:  Global Warming/Overleasing (Also see "Uganda")  U.S. Troops on Good Will Mission in East Africa



at Davos   Canada vs. U.S.
Australia  wtc environmental organization australia ban plastic bags
Plan to Ban Free Plastic Bags  China Truce on Price Caps Boosts Miners  Tangle with Japan over High Thermal Coal Price  Won't Sell Uranium to India  Warning to China  Battle with China for Iron  Microsystems 



Azerbaijan  Ships in Caspian


Bird Flu

Indian Vaccine  Underreported  Migrating Birds Didn't Carry...  Plans for Epidemic Include Military  Georgetown U. Archive  Live Vaccine Provides '100%' Protection in Animals   Bird Flu Linked to Obesity Epidemic  1918 Flu Researcher also worked on SARS


Nationalizes Oil and Gas  Three Ex-Presidents Charged for Oil Deals  U.S. Drug Agents Can Remain  Morales Appoints Marxist Energy Minister

Carlyle Group

...and Goldman Sachs  Hedge Fund  In Middle East  Interest in Dutch Cable Company  And Second Asia Buyout Firm  Conflict of Interest in Univision Deal  Acquires Geothermal Assets  Bidding for Port Operator  Among Those Bidding on Kinder Morgan  Buying Largest Market Research Company  Strategic Research Institute Conference  Barred from Citigroup Venture  Bidding for Univision  Buys Dutch Media Company  Bought China's Largest Construction Company  Buys Gas Storage in Canada  Buys Verizon Lines  To Make Modular Buildings  Bush Approves Sale of U.S. Military Parts to UAE  Jazz Semiconductor  Selling Bottling Company  Selling Wireless Firm to Motorola  Sells Energy Plant  To Be Biggest Foreign Investor in China  Buys L.A. Hotel  Buys Stake in Taiwan Cable TV

Central America

Belize  Dead Whales  El Paso Selling Six Power Plants


CNOOC/Husky to Explore S. China Seas  To Tap Tibetan Waters  To Test Artificial Sun  Ten Per Cent of Farmland Polluted  Role of U.S. Businesses in Developing C's Military  First Cargo Flight from Taiwan  Ten Per Cent Farmland Polluted  Yen Loans Ease Relations  Move to More Flexible Renminbi will be Gradual  Cassava Ethanol  Gas Pipeline Wins Enviro Award  National Off Shore Oil/BG Pact  Oil Deal with North Korea  Ecology or Economy  Chemical Rain  Holds First Oil Meeting with Arab States  Defense Agreement with India  Investing in Venezuela  C and S. Korea Out of Naval Exercise  Oil Supply at Risk, Expert Says  Building up Military  Saudis Diversifying in China  To Enhance Energy Cooperation with Other Countries  To Build Six Nuclear Reactors  Agreement with Romania; Visits to Moldova, Greece, Russia   Gets Nigerian Oil Rights  Denies Having Weapons Agents in U.S.  ...U.S. Repairing Military Ties  Underpins Gold Price with Bullish Comments  Building Strategic Mineral Reserves  Port Buildup  Reserves Await Verification   Drought  Fishermen Attacked in South China Sea  Ethanol Craze  Drilling Rights in Nigeria  ...and Sierra Leone  Military Relations with Uzbekistan  To Become Top Gold Producer  In Africa  Undraftable  To Get Strategic Reserves from Saudi Arabia  Defense Agreement with Saudi Arabia  Hu Visiting Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Kenya  Shell Low on Supply  Relaxes Rules on Offshore Investing  Artificial Rain to Combat Dust Storm  First 9K Meter Rig   Revises Banned Ships Area  "Strategic Cooperation" with Philippines re South China Sea  Collaborating with EU on Galileo  President to Visit Yale  Bans Ships in Disputed Area  Hu to Discuss Energy Cooperation with Saudi Arabia, Nigeria  Frees Up Overseas Investment by Banks  BP Lubricant Plant  Copper Mining in Tibet  Pipeline to Kazakhstan?  Defense Minister in Singapore   Hu in DC  May Expand Malaysian Ports  May Allow More Foreign Investment in Banks: Pro Citibank  Reopens Shipping Routes to Latin America  Military Academy Exchange with U.S.  Growth Viewed as Benefitting Asia and US More Than EU  Carlyle Group Machinery Deal Blocked  Education Ties to Greece  Ties to Vietnam  Aid to Cambodia; interest in Ports  11 High Speed Railways  Database on 96% Population  Cambodia Endorses 1 China Policy  Suspends Plans for 44 Industrial Plants  To Close Small Coal Mines, Encourage Mergers  Finds Alternative to Malacca Straits  Nearing FTA with Australia  Calls for Joint Efforts on Emerging Infectious AsianDiseases  Pledges Millions to Pacific Islands That Don't Recognize Taiwan  EU Backs Currency Moves, Rebuffing US  Tax on Upstream Oil Exploiters  May Allow Dalai Lama to Visit  Warns Banks Against Counterfeit U.S. Notes  Sinopec Confirms Gas Find  Hong Kong Buying 4 Tankers  Free Trade Agreement Discussion with New Zealand  Welcome by Kurds  Gas Agreement with Turkmenistan  Wuhan Ties to Christchurch, NZ  Proposal of China/ROK Rail Link  Rail Link to Tibet Conduit for Plague  Resource Challenges  Joint Power Plant with Kazakhstan  Death Penalty for Oil Theft  Huge Petrochemical Project with Shell  Sudan/China Mutual Military Support/Taiwan  Race with U.S. Companies for India Refinery  2 Pipelines to Transmit Coal-Bed Methane  Malaysia Supports C on Taiwan  Ties to Poland  Company Plans to Double Gold Production  To Get Electricity from Russia  Finds Little Oil in East China Sea  Ousts Rolling Stone  Bus Service to Pakistan for Alternative Energy  Water Shortages  Accused of Promoting Illegal Foresting Used for Flooring etc  Carlyle Group Buys Flooring Company  Orders Eight Oil Tankers   Ties To Rumania  Energy Agreement with Australia  Advised to Tap Forex to Buy Gold  Increases Fuel Prices  Launches Anti-Matter Lab  Ties May Open to Vatican  Gives Satellites Etc. to Pakistan, Indonesia et al  To Construct First Polar Base  Illegally Felled Wood Destroying Forests  Taiwan:  Keep the Pandas  China Brazil Pledge Ties  Ties to Ecuador   Visit from Princess of Brunei  Forum with Taiwan  Controls Pollution with Yen Loans  To Tax Chopsticks  Gazrpom Deal Details  To Curb Terror Threat in Central Asia  Legislator Advocates Change of Economic System  Joint Development with Russia  Citibank and Carlyle Group after Guangdong Bank  To Boost Refinery Capacity  Courts Kazakhstan  Furthers Ties with Nepal  Shake-Up at Morgan Stanley China Division  To Sell Coke to U.S. Steel  Ex-CEO China Aviation Oil Pleads Guilty  To Liberalize Oil Pricing  Nine Free Trade Agreements  EU Investigation of China Dutch Maritime Venture  To Slow Growth  To CLose 70% Unsafe Collieries  Restricts Iron Ore Imports  No Breakthrough on Border Talks with India  Two High-Speed Railways  Won't Bend to U.S. Pressure on Yuan  Backs Off Iron Ore Price Cap  Securing Oil Supplies  Effort to Become Largest Shipbuilder  To Reform Oil Pricing  West-East Pipeline  Afforesting  British Firm to Help on Environment  New Environmental Minister  Senkaku/Diaoyu not in Proposal  To Beef Up Maritime Oil Transport Plant Uses Cold Energy  Growth Poisoning Sea  Mergers to Increase   Population Concerns: 2 articles  Disturbed at Japanese Statement re Taiwan  Largest Oil and Gas Production Base  Proposal re Gas Exploration East China Seas  Shell To Invest Half Billion in Bitumen Talks Continue with Japan on Development  Iran Pipeline  Expanding Steel-making  Will Export Electricity to Vietnam  Partner w. Singapore  Baosteel To Sell to ROK and Japan  Domestic Shipping Fleet  Cooperates w U.S. in Bank Scandal  Seen as Threat to U.K. Economy  Looser Yuan  East China Sea Study  Pentagon Report:  China Biggest Threat  Pentagon Report in Chinese Press   U.S. Co.'s Invest in China Bank U.S. Study of Oceanographic Conditions in Yellow and East China Seas  G.E. for Pipeline  India Backs China for Asian Equivalent of IEA  Overseas investment by energy companies thwarted  Singapore Bank Buys Chinese Bank    Chinese Businessman Imprisoned for Protesting Oil Well Seizure    China Urged to Keep Major Stake in Banks    China to Build Artificial Sun      China/Saudi Arabia Deals


U.S. Gears Up for Post-Castro Era  Oilmen meet w Cubans; asked to leave hotel


Lehman Brothers Opens Offices in Dubai and Qatar  Foreign Workers Riot

Echelon (also under "United States")

Helps China Conserve Energy  nanosensors   Software to Monitor Opinions of U.S.

European Union 

Norway's Arktic (sic) Vault for Seeds  Raids on Gas Companies  Spanish/Italian Merger Over Toll Roads  German Intelligence in Iraq  Airports Used by CIA for Detainees  France vs. WTO; energy mergers  Hostile Takeovers  Germany Won't Shoot Hijacked Planes  Energy Data  Plastic Bag Tax  Freeze   EU Launches Galileo Satellite


Gas Pipeline Safety  Internet  Energy:  Royalty Revenues Haven't Increased in Sync with Rising Prices   Border Security; Investigators Transported Radioactive Sources  Keeping DOE Records Classified  U.S. Policies at IMF  DOE:  Dubious Payments to Contractors; Venezuela and Security  Improving Use of Private Firms in Rebuilding Iraq  Protecting Privacy  Tsunami Preparedness:  Challenges Remain  More Dissemination of Info Needed  DOD Seeks More Information from Space  Increased Risk of Agriculture to Foreign Disease  Homeland Security  Information Sharing  On Terrorist Financing   Space Acquisitions  Electronic Voting  Privacy and Personal Information  Nuclear Regulatory Commission  SEC Info Needs More Security  Duties on China  Protecting Social Security Numbers  Polar Orbiting  Radiation Equipment at Ports  Katrina  Energy Dept Sensitive Info  Technology for Investment Info  Causes of Higher Gasoline Prices  Katrina Response  Amtrak  Piracy 2005  Energy Report June 2005  Electricity Restructuring  Anthrax

Global Warming 

Drought Mitigation Center  Vegetable Shortage in EU  Utilities Pay Scientist Ally  China, India, Unwilling to Cut Emissions  German Rule Exempts Coal from Regs  Injecting Sulphur  2 Studies Link GW to Hurricanes  Pesticides May Affect Penis Size  Farm Subsidies Lead to Ocean Dead Zones  Insect Contribution to Economy  Too Few Male Fish  Glacial Earthquakes Doubled Since 2002  Strong Solar Cycle  The Heat Goes On, and Faster, in the Antarctic   Affect on Food  Acid Oceans  NASA Scientist Hansen on Greenland  Aussies Silence Scientists Too  20th Century Warmest of Last 12  The New Winter Look:  Shorts  La Nina  Blair Warns re Antarctic Ice Sheet  Accelerates  NASA Ends Observatory


Uranium Deposits


No Conclusions


Northeast to Get Electricity from Bamboo  Tests Trishul Missile  Ready to Prove Pakistan's 7/11 Links  Maoists in Jungle  Buying Three Stealth Warships from Russia  U.S. Defense of Pakistan on Mumbai Attacks  Says UK Funds Finance Terror  Buys 3 More Stealth Frigates  Global Launch Services Hub  Projects with Russia  Navy Adopts BrahMos Cruise Missile  Helps Secure Malacca Straits  To Host Multilateral Naval Exercises  Expands Military Ties to Japan  Protesters Burn Three Oil Wells  Military Cooperation with China  Gas from Myanmar  Halliburton Expanding Oil Operations  ...and U.S. Arms Industry  MoU with Japan  Military in Tajikistan  Fourth Largest Wind Industry  Top Envoy Refuses to Leave New Zealand  Ship to Maldives  ...and Central Asia  Boeing Likely to Set Up Shop  Chevron To Buy Into Refinery  Trying to Harness Outer Space  Expects 7 Billion$ Investment in Oil Exploration  MoUs with Afghanistan  Border Security  World Bank in Forests (like Carlyle Group in China)  2 MoUs with U.K. Universities on Hydrocarbons  Working Group with EU on Hydrocarbons  Discussing Energy With EU  To Bypass Bangladesh to Get Myanmar Gas  Caution in FTAs w Developed Nations  Expanding Ties to West Africa  Illegal Trawling Killing Sea Turtles  EU Worried about India and Climate Change  India and U.S. in Coal Project  To "Run Out of Coal" in 40 Years  Taiwan's Target Country for Trade  U.S. Majors Exploring for oil  Naval Exercies with France  India Studies Offered in Singapore Schools  Training of Iranian Navy May Dampen U.S. Support of N Deal  Dubai Ports Deal in Murkier Waters  Trade Ties to UAE  JP Morgan Expanding in I. and Maybe China  Deutsche Bank Increases Operational Staff in I.  Rupee Unleashed  Israeli Co. Gets Telecom Contract  Ties to South Africa Discussed  To Sign Comprehensive Economic Pact with GCC  British Company to Use Jatropha for Biodiesel  Meeting on Energy with EU  Petronet to Get LNG from Australia  Gulf States Trade  Trade with Dubai  Ties to Iran  Shopping Spree for Oil  Pact with Iceland on Culture  Rice Nixxes Consulate in South  Maritime Agreement with South Africa  To Float Rupee  Dubai Ports in India  Eyes FTAs with Indonesia, Korea etc.  Barclay's Investing 70 million$  Aims to Make Currency Convertible  Trade Ties with Taiwan  Discussing Shared Rivers with Bangladesh  To Increase Trade with China  Acquiring European Companies  Security on Nepalese Border  Seven Agreements with Russia  Discusses Gas deal with Gazprom  Tarapur Reactor Deal with Russia  litary Expansion in Andaman Islands  To Boost Trade To Russia to 10Bn  To Step Up Uranium Mining  Goldman Breaks with Billionaire  Iron Ore Output to Jump 6 Times by 2030  Helping China with Renewable Energy  May Limit Steel Exports  Power Station to be Built by Chinese  Company Buys Crude Carrier from Japan  Russian PM Visit  Joint Energy Ventures with China  Nuclear Fuel from Russia for Electricity  Second Missile Test in a Week  Maritime Venture with Finland  Energy Agreement with Mauritius  Defense Ties with Oman  Commitment to Mauritius  U.S. to Invest 100bn in Energy  LNG from Qatar  Free Trade Agreement w S. Africa, Brazil  Oil Imports, Sales to Rise  Gets Energy Projects from Sudan  Missile Test  Border Dispute with China  Energy Accord with Myanmar  Eyeing Petrodollars Once Bound for U.S.  Defense Pact with Mozambique  To Manufacture Semiconductors  Scientists' U.S. Visa Hassles  Citigroup Investing in IState Bank Opens Branch in Shanghai  Iran, Pakistan, India Pipeline  Open to Foreign Listings  Taiwan Exchange  Growth Forecast Exceeds Expectations  Russian Trade Agreement  Thorium for Nuclear?  India/Philippines Defense MoU  India/Saudi Desalination/Energy India/Saudi Terror/Energy Agreement  Bush Visit High Priority:  Rice    Japan Expands LNG in India   Joint Exploration with Shell  CEO Goldman Sachs


Mud Slide at Freeport Mine  Mining Protest  Refinery with Iran  Defense Agreement with India  Body in NYC Consulate


Gas to Europe  Stolen Oil Rig  Anzali Port to Promote Ties with Kazakhstan  Joint Market with China in Khuzestan  Calls Western Incentives 'Acceptable"  To Ration Gasoline  Bourse Ready to Open (Almost)  Lacking Refineries  Canadian Paper Apologizes for False Story on Clothing  34 Countries in Military Exercises Around Iran   Gave Al-Qaeda in Iraq Missiles  Uzbekistan Seizes Radioactive Shipment  Cancels Petrochemical Deal with France, Germany, S. Korea  Agreement with Belarus  Ties to Cambodia  To Get Air Defense System from Russia  Aljazeera on Bourse  U.S. Air Force Denies Downed Unmanned Drone  Asks Russia for Help with Satellite  Made Weapons that were Found in Iraq  Second Satellite Planned  Shoots Unmanned Drone  Armenia Gas Pipeline  Opium Cache  Petrochemicals Hit 2.3 Billion$ Last Year  Ready for Nonagression Pact with Gulf States  Test-fires Shoulder-Launched Rocket  Tests Flying Boat  War Games2  Expanding Ties to Egypt  Test-Fired High Speed Torpedo  Would Respond to US Attack w World-wide Terrorism  Bourse Back  Missile Can Evade Radar  War Games  CSMonitor on Bourse  U.S. Defense Contractor Planned to Promote Democracy   War Games  Press Conference Monday on New Intelligence  re Nukes  Links Britain to Shooting of 21 Officials  MoU with Kuwait  Claims U.S. Threatened to Bomb A Month After Failure of Diplomacy   To Export Gas to Oman  Bolton Compares Threat to 9/11  Martial Law in Celebrating Cities  Joint French Venture in Largest LNG Project  Builds Largest Container-Carrier in Middle East  Protest by Textile Workers  May Ration or Raise Prices on Gas  Pakiston MoU  Builds Secret Command Center  Rejects Moscow's Nuclear Enrichment Program  Cement Factories in Cuba  Exports Tractors to Venezuela  Will Cap Domestic Gas consumption  Rice Asks for $75 Million to "Promote Democracy"  Unlikely to Use Oil as Weapon  Suspected Drawings of Nuclear Test Site Found  "Secret" Plan to Infiltrate IAEA  May Become Oil Importer  Pulls Reserves from Italy c/o Court Case  3 Petrochemical Projects   Russia Plans to Evacuate  Japan to Mediate Nuclear Crisis  Iran Not Shifting Assets to Asia


Hearing on Corruption in Oil Industry  Saddam's Novel Japanese Withdrawing in March Deadliest Place for Journalists  Wages of War  550 Japanese Leaving within months  Trouble in Tahiti re Oil Production  Don't Expect Old Oil Levels Soon (Chalabi)  Aussies and Japanese to Leave  Oil Production down; minister quits


Describes Strike Options Against Iran   Russian Rocket Carries Israeli Satellite  To Launch Spy Satellite Over Iran


Gas Shortage c/o Gazprom shortfall


Launches Spy Satellite  To Launch Third Satellite in September  Territorial Disputes on All Sides  To Offer China Advice on Energy/Environment  Counteracts Chinese Influence in Pacific  On Alert for N. Korean Missile Test  To Stockpile Oil Products  Warned Over Energy Security  Strenghtens Military and Ties to U.S.  107 Alerts on Chinese Spy Planes This Year  Company to Produce Gas in Australia  FTA with Gulf States  Angling for Free Trade Zone  May Delay Troop Withdrawal from Iraq  Says China Conducting Aerial Surveys in East China Sea  Grant to Ghana  Revises Textbooks to Assert Ownership of Diaoyu/Senkaku  May Allow Military in Space  To Buy LNG from Australia  Fire at Nuclear Power Plant  To Freeze Loans to China  Military Realignment Talks with U.S.  Money Laundering  Tennessee Businesses May Enter Japan  To Open 55th Nuclear Reactor  Reduces Iranian Oil Imports  Residents Protest U.S. Base Changes May Play Role in Boeing Laser  Visit to Azerbaijan  Proposal onDues for UN Security Council  North Korea Short-range Missiles No Threat  Interceptor Test with U.S.  Disagreement with U.S. over Military  Central Bank May Stop Fund-Flooding  J/China to Discuss Development of Gas Fields  Russian Islands Dispute  Feud with South Korea  Vote on Iran Won't Affect Investment  Launches Second Satellite in Month Free Trade Agreements  May Finance U.S. on Guam  North Korea talks  Plans to Expand U.N. Sec. Council  U.S. Marines to Guam Revises Uses of Space Launches Satellite   Expands LNG in India      Joint Military Exercises:  Japan and the U.S. Defense Chief Visits Moscow, London, DC    Blames China for Diplomat's Suicide    Satellite

Kazakhstan  (Also see:  China)

Poland Buys Oil Fields  Criminal Investigation into Rocket Crash  Water Agreement/Kyrgyzstan  Underwater Pipeline to Azerbaijan  National ID Card  Common Currency Possible in Eurasec Countries  Transport of 20 million tonnes Oil  JV in Uranium with Russia  Kyrgyzstan Stops Exporting Electricity  Cheney Promotes Democracy Everywhere but K  Cooperation with Austria  Ties to Poland  Terrorist Plot Uncovered  Cheney to Visit Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Croatia  3 Pipeline Options to China  Cheney to Visit   Gas Output Down  Pipeline to Turkey



North Fires Missiles Towards China by Mistake


Emir Picks Brother  Sick Emir Ousted  Sick New Emir


Threatens U.S. Base

Latin America

Chile's Gas paradox  American Held for 2 Blasts in Bolivia  Brazil Contemplates Railway Wheel Plant in Asia  Ecuador Protests




Glory of Aztec Civilization Short of Water


Protests at Copper Mine


Gas Reserves  Field of China Russia Cooperation


2000 Candidates


Getting Arms from China  Response to Helicopter Attack  Helicopter Attack  Raid on Oil Office


An Anachronism  Cuts Unlikely




P/India Expel Each Other's Diplomats  U.S. Providing Surveillance Equipment  To Receive Chinese-Built Frigates  Ties to South Africa  U.S. Committed to P'a Energy Needs  To Transfer Military Technology to Saudi Arabia  To Get F16s from U.S.  Denies Bribes Towards 9/11 Commission Report  Ties to Yemen  To Combat Terrorism with Sri Lanka  Supports Sovereignty of Sri Lanka  Russia to Explore for Oil in P  Joint Investment Agreement with Brunei  Joint Patent w India of Basmati Rice  Trade Agreements with India  Maritime Agreement with India  Arrests Baluch Rebels  Dredges Gwadar Port with China  Former PM Met Bin Laden  Launches Missile  Defense Ties with China  Meets Energy Secr. of U.S.  U.S. Energy Secr. to Visit  Civil War Threat  May Test Missile  Baluchistan  Naval Exercises w Netherlands  French Bank Investing.  Demand Grows for Natural Gas  MoU for Turkmenistan Gas  Chinese Engineers Killed  Alleges Sabotage Behind Train Derailment  Dams

Persian Gulf

UAE Building islands  Piracy in North


Recalls Envoy over Chavez' Meddling


U.S. Navy Provides Disaster Relief


Iran/India/Pakistan  Albania/Greece/Macedonia  Poland/Black Sea  Turkey-Israel  Albania-Macedonia  Kenya-Uganda  Samsun-Ceyhan  Gulf of Mexico  Georgian Transit Corridor (Bahmi)  Iran/Armenia  Baikal  Azerbaijan Odesa Boridy Platsk  Burgas/Alexandropoulos  China to Join Kars/Akhalkalaki/Tbilisi/Baku  Trinidad/Tobago  Turkmen./Afghan/Pak/India?  West Africa  Lithuania  may be replaced  Burgas-Alexandropoulos  Russian Mazeikiu Pipeline May Close  Baku-Novorosysk  Odesa-Brody  Turkey  Blown up in Pakistan  Man Taps Russia/Slovakia/Hungary Pipeline  Iraq Pipeline Map  Iran Pakistan/India Shelved  Ukraine  Beijing-Moscow   Druzhba Okha-Komsomolsk-on-Amur-Khabarovsk-China   India-Myanmar Bypassing B'desh  Romania  Venezuela-Brazil-Argentina


Up 168 Per Cent in Last Decade  Piracy January 2006  Piracy Reports


Orders World's Largest LNG Carriers   Money-Laundering Seminar  Cuts Talks with U.S.  May Supply 20% Gas to UK by 2009  LNG to India  Best Client:  Japan  LNG to South Korea  South African Plant to Open First Gas-to-Liquids Plant  Agreement with Cuba  Exxon/Total to Share in Refinery  Q and UAE to Provide More Jobs to Nepalis  Q and UAE, May Buy Euros  To Supply Gas to Bahrain  WPG Meets  Education City  Largest LNG Exporter  Brave New Way of Making Diesel


Anti-Terror Drill with China  To Sue Shell Over Pipeline  Island Dispute with Japan  Militia Head Wanted by Tbilisi Hides in Russia  IEA Tells Russia to Improve Gas Production Technology  Island Spat with Japan  May Lease Nuclear Sub to India  Lifts Currency Controls on Ruble  Says Ukraine Sold Missiles to China, Iran  To Buy Iran/Armenia Pipeline  Turkmenistan Threatens to Cut Off Gas  Making Ruble More Convertible  Secret Satellite to Provide Data to Navy  War Games with India  Grants Gazrpom Exclusive Rights to Export Gas  May Tighten Oil Company Restrictions  Builds Naval Base in Syria  Experts Predict End of Oil Boom  More Oil from Kazakhstan  Pipeline from West as well as East Siberia to China  Pipeline in Armenia  Unaware of Ukraine's Possible Supply of Nuclear Weapons to Iran  Citigroup and Deutsche Bank Assist in Yukos Bankruptcy  Tells China "Buy More of Our Manufactured Goods"  China Deal Concerns Europe  Border Issues with China  15 China deals  Georgia Tempted by Iran/Armenian Pipeline  Backs One China Policy  To Double Ties to China  To Allow Shooting of Hijacked Planes  Baikal Pipeline  Kadyrov Premier of Chechnya  Officers Quit at Rosneft  India Agrees to R. Joining WTO  Shell Company in Ukraine Lukoil, One; Sturgeon, Zero  Yukos Plunges  Rosneft Huge Public Offering

Saudi Arabia

Memories of a Kawaggi (Jenna Orkin) Oil Supply a Question  Makes First Movie  Energy Agreement with China Aided by Bourse Crash, Islamists Block Reforms  New Measures for Saudi Bourse Saudi Bourse Crash 40 Militants Arrested  Bourse Opens to Foreigners

Seabed Mining



Lentils  Water Shortage Leads to Wedding Cancellations  Australian bananas  800,000 Ton Grain Shortfall in Angola  Central Asian Water Conference  Portugal:  Water  SW China:  Water  Afghan Drought May Lead to More Poppy Production  Forage Shortage: US  Water War in Sri Lanka  Water:  Owerri  Food Prices Will Soar with Biofuels Switch  International Water Conference  China:  Water  Acid Rain in China Threatens Crops  India Grain Water  U.S./Afghanistan Grain/Corn  India/Zimbabwe    Banana Shortage in Australia  Australia: Water   Wimmera Australia Water   Las Vegas:  Water  Japan:  Grain  Heat Wave Destroys Vegetable Crop in UK  U.S.  Finland    Nigeria:  Water  Bangladesh  Poland


Ties to India  Denies Merger with Nasdaq

Special Economic Zone in India

Solomon Islands

Riots re pro-Taiwan Gvt

South America

Repsol Downsizes Reserves

South East Asia 

AntiPiracy Agreement

South Korea  

Deal with Japan on Takeshima/Tokdo Islands Warns Japan Re Maritime Research  Gets Contract for Carriers from Qatar  Raids Offices of U.S. Firm


Nuclear/Ethanol Solution


Leaked Fax Re Detention


Opposition Refuses Funds


Severs Ties with Chad c/o C's Recognition of China  China Warns U.S. re Selling F15s to Taiwan  Commissions Early Warning Planes  Airline Ties to Japan  Rally  Makes it Harder to Invest in China


Egyptian Group Joins Forces with Al Qaeda


Gul Says Strike on Iran Impossible


Gunmen Attack Pres Convoy  Accused of Draining Lake Victoria 

United Arab Emirates 

Goldman Sachs Gets Financial Zone License  Inchcape Running Ports   Motorola Expands

iversifying with Takeover Bid  Bids for Singapore Oil Company  Calls for Iran's Return of Islands


Took Part in Mock Invasion of Iran  Secret Talks about Attacking Iran  BP Accounting Charges

United States 

Senate Democrats Call for Energy Reform  Diebold Problems in Ohio  Senate Passes Amendment on DOD Renewable Energy Use  How Low Will the Dollar Go?  NYTimes on the Energy Challenge  Gonzales:  Prosecutions of Journalists  Texas Energy Concern May Sue German Companies  Air Force Alternatives to Oil Balkanization   Closed Loop for LNG in Louisiana  Shell Reopens Mars Platform  Case Against CIA is Classified; 2:  So Is Everything Else  Greening of the CIA  Joint Intelligence Operations Centers  Show of Force to Venezuela  UPI/New Yorker:  Planning to Attack Iran  LNG Facilites in Maine  Pipelines Needed: Sempra Interview  Patenting Genes, Treatment, Criticism  Bank Mergers Cause Burglaries  Push For More Focus on Oceans  A Month After Condi Expands Embassies in Terrorist Hot Spots...  Ides of March for Debt  Proposed Rule on Ethanol Plants Would Double Pollution  Report Card Re Drug Wars  NYTimes Re Peak Oil  Robots Repair Hurricane Damage Dupont Replacing Fossil Fuels  Reforesting Debate in PNW  Bulls in Pipelines  Homes Pay for Retirement  Alaska Gas Pipeline Grasping at Straws:  CFR Recommends Dollarizing  Physicists Study Stock Market Tilting at Windmills  Deutsche Bank and Tax Shelters  Echelon Software License generator  Echelon in the kitchen  New Diplomatic Positions  Energy Leasing in Gulf Mexico  Fuel Cell in Subway Shop  New Echelon Products  Rumsfeld Hat in Hand  Putting Money Where Peak Oil's Mouth Is  Robbing Peter to Pay Paul   Oil and NY Tax Code  Shell Profits Damaged by Katrina  Secret Service/Customs  Talario acquires Echelon Exec  Additions to Patriot Act  Customs Chief from Secret Service  AT&T Sued For Cooperating with NSA Hurricane Evacuees Miss Deadline  Pataki Signs Heating Bill   KBR to Offer Shares  Gift Cards Used to Launder Money  Sempra Settles Energy Lawsuit  Viisage Stock Up; Tenet on Brd Drs.  Grain for Healthcare  Corn Prices as High as an Elephant's Eye  Sixty Minutes: Oil Sands  American Oil Companies Return to Libya    Gordon England Replaces Wolfowitz, Bypassing Senate    Chicago Transit Rejects CITGO    The gloves come off:  Rice Merges Diplomatic Corps with Military   EPA to Reveal Changes in Fuel Economy Regulations  Energy Shell Game



Energy Agreement with Syria  Joins Cuba in New Axis of Evil  Pro-Chavez Toothpaste  Gazprom Invests  Air Defense  To Get $1 Billion Aircraft from Russia  U.S. Watchdog Observing PressCompetes with Mexico for Oil Markets  Election Website  Orders New Currency Funds Coca Factory in Bolivia  To Set Oil Fields on Fire in Event of Invasion   ToTo Set Oil Fields on Fire in Event of U.S. Invasion  Anti U.S.-Invasion War Games  Refineries Pipeline  Chavez in Showbiz  Troops to Colombian Border  Backs Plan to Sell Oil in Euros  Building Refinery with Iran   To Exploit Mature Fields  OPEC Won't Reduce Output in Response to V's Demand  Natural Gas Shortage to End in '09  Out of G-3 Block  Stages Mock Foreign Invasion Extends Cheap Oil Program to Poor in Europe  Investing in Boscan  CITGO Selling Second U.S. Asset  Oil Grip May Tighten  Planning More Discounts in U.S. Defense from China, Russia  Won't Compensate Total, Eni  New Taxes on Oil Companies  Backs D.C. Foe in Nicaragua  Deal with Guatemala  Diplomatic Ties to Guinea-Bissau  Withdraws from Community of Andean Nations  Pipeline w Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay  Building Civilian Militia  To Hold Military Exercises  To Get Kalashnikovs from Russia  May Buy Bolivian Bank  Youth of Ruling Party Holds Congress  Cuban Refinery  U.S. Ambassador Visits Navy in Caribbean  PDVSA to end SEC Filings  DOE says V has Five Times Oil of Saudi Arabia  Cocaine Found on Plane  To Get Military Planes from Spain  Refurbishing Refinery in Cuba  Diversifying Market to India  Threat to Curb US Flights Suspended  Demands Royalties in Crude  U.S. Shouldn't Call Chavez' Bluff  Nuclear Help From Iran?  Chavez Warns U.S. on Refineries  Accuses U.S. of Spying  Taxes Repsol


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Peak Oil Links

Transcript of Congressman Roscoe Bartlett's first Special Order Speech on Peak Oil (has uncannily accurate record in tracking underlying trends)

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Lifeaftertheoilcrash.(Matt Savinar's groundbreaking website; also provides superb overview)

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Jeremy Leggett (the name says it all) (author of The Long Emergency; website has engaging blog.)

Peak Oil Paradigm Shift (see why hydrogen is no panacea) (also excellent site for 9/11 research)

Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas founded by Colin Campbell, protegee of Marion King Hubbert who discovered the concept of Peak Oil.

Matthew Simmons (author of Twilight in the Desert:  The Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy)

T. Boone Pickens rakes it in, betting on Peak Oil  On reforming the way the economy works; by Assistant Secretary of HUD under G. H. Bush  Oil Depletion Analysis Center