9/11, [.......Phrase Removed] and Twelve Foot Reptiles in the Royal Family

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.....X has arranged for a dozen radio interviews around this country about the 9/11 envirodisaster. This is a bonanza although my colleagues in the environmental movement caution that we must have nothing to do with the conspiracy theories.

No problem, say the first eleven programs, and they stick to the topic of the environment.

Then comes interview number twelve. The interviewer, John*, [some identifying details have been changed] calls the day before to confirm what we're covering.

No conspiracy theories, I say. OK he says. "But I hear you're no longer [ section removed ] Can we talk about that?" Better not, I say.

The show is forty-five minutes. We cover the envirodisaster of 9/11 in the first twenty. Also Peak Oil, which I've mentioned to the show's producer with the thought of suggesting possible guests for a future program.

John is not a great believer in Peak Oil. He fears that scientists who warn of an impending war over it with China are saying that we need to get rid of the Chinese people, our rivals for the precious, diminishing resource. I point out that warning of war is not the same as advocating it; quite the contrary.

I'm wondering how we're going to spend the remaining 25 minutes of the show - call ins? - when John says, 'I have a surprise in store.'

I have a strong sense of what the surprise is and contemplate hanging up but don't want to look like a coward.

"My next guest writes for the American Free Press."

Of course it's all a set up. Chris knew I'd be on the show. I didn't know he would be. The 'surprise' is an ambush.

John asks what I think of conspiracy theories. Remember, this is after he agreed we wouldn't talk about them. I say there are valid questions about the official story of 9/11 and there are wacky theories; it's important to distinguish between them.

John asks Chris about [ section removed .] And then he asks [ section removed. ] Another question he'd agreed not to ask. (He'd also asked about the lawsuit I'm involved in against EPA, yet another taboo topic, but at the time I didn't realize he was deliberately stamping on all his pre-program agreements.)

I tell him about the email linking Chris to Barnes Review with its suggestion that Hitler get the Nobel Peace prize.

John accuses me of calling Chris antiSemitic. Like I invited him on the show and raised the subject in public?

"Don't you owe Chris an apology?" he asks.

No, I say, because the disclaimer I wrote in order to [ section removed ] wasn't personal. It was to avoid linking the issue of the 9/11 envirodisaster to the American Free Press.

John asks if I'm funded by the Anti-Defamation League and B'nai B'rith.

Lawyers know that you shouldn't ask questions in court unless you know what answer you're going to get. Journalists should take a leaf from their book.

I say I never met anyone from ADL or B'nai B'rith and I certainly don't get funding from them. I don't get funding from anybody.

Chris says that no one blames the whole New York Times for Judith Miller. (I won't bother to analyze the irrelevance of that analogy.) Barnes Review is a 'historical publication' (like the Smithsonian?) a 'revisionist historical publication.' (Not a great venue to be linked to when you're supposedly on a quest for truth.) He doesn't know about the Hitler/Nobel Prize suggestion; he's lived in Israel; that's why he knows it so well; he was married to a Jewish woman and he speaks Hebrew.

I say that the American Free Press was founded by Willis Carto who was the leading NeoNazi of the 20th century. (A call from American Free Press a few weeks later informs me that Carto was one of several founders. Carto's own website says he "plays a key role running" it.

John interrupts to end the first hour of the show. The next segment belongs to Chris alone.

After the show I google John. His guests have included Janeane Garofolo and Oliver North. And on the bottom of his home page is a banner advertising Barnes Review.


"You may call me a conspiracy theorist," says Kennedy assassination expert and 9/11 investigator John Judge, "if you're also willing to call yourself a coincidence theorist."

The official story of 9/11 in which we were attacked by forces from outside (forces which, however, we'd recently supplied with weapons to fend off the Soviets) is a conspiracy theory. But it's widely held so people don't speak of it in the scornful tones with which they write off the less popular conspiracy theories.

Those theories which tend to get lumped together, the legitimate with the insane, are hard for Americans to swallow, though not so hard for the rest of the world. They involve the participation of our government in orchestrating 9/11 in order to psych the country for war.

It wouldn't be the first time something like that has happened. Some historians maintain that Roosevelt knew the attack on Pearl Harbor was coming since the U.S. had broken the Japanese codes but he allowed it so that the American people would be persuaded to enter World War II. Putting aside the diametrically opposed reasons for wanting to enter their respective wars, (noble vs. rapacious) the parallels between Roosevelt's M.O. and the Bush administration's, if indeed the latter had a hand in orchestrating 9/11, are obvious. And in his book Body of Evidence, James Bamford discloses the Northwoods Operation, a plan during the Kennedy administration (which Kennedy nixed) to launch either a staged or a real attack against Americans and blame Cuba.

But according to some 9/11 researchers, setting the stage for the Afghanistan and the Iraq wars was only part of a grander scheme. The ultimate purpose of the attack was to justify invading a host of Middle Eastern and other countries on the grounds of terrorism and seize such oil resources as remain. (Recent articles indicate that another root of the invasion of Iraq was Iraq's deviation from the OPEC practise of accepting only dollars for oil.)  In the meantime, the American people would also be more receptive to giving up some of their civil liberties.

The truth of 9/11 may well be odder than the official story. And some of the people who get the most attention for doubting the official story are, themselves, odd. Activism tends to attract people who are looking for a cause through which to vent their anger. And because it's anti-Establishment, it also attracts fringey types with a grudge against the In crowd.

Complicating matters further is the fact that even the full-fledged nutcases can be entertaining. With my newfound leisure as a fired [ section removed ,] I journey down the rabbit hole and spend the evening with one of them; i.e. I click on David Icke's website.

The British Icke is a former football goalie turned sports commentator. Then in 1991 he donned turquoise because it channeled energy (and brought out his eyes?) and found his true calling as a New Age guru. People called him a lunatic. But several years later scientists at Johns Hopkins discovered that turquoise was the color of the young universe, or the average of all the colors in the universe, depending on whom you read. (Has turquoise also become more fashionable at Johns Hopkins since this discovery?)

All this is stuff you'd normally stop reading on the corner mailbox once the light changed. But Icke's five-hour long lectures command standing ovations (as well as protests outside.) And his message isn't just about freeing yourself of inhibitions or materialistic values.

According to Icke, Hitler was a Rothschild. His grandmother was a servant in the Baron de Rothschild household and the master got up to some hanky panky.

Forty-two presidents were also Rothschilds. Clinton seems to be an exception as he's a Rockefeller.

How do the Rothschilds know where all the Presidents are going to be born so they can make sure to mate with the Presidents' ancestors of the opposite sex?

Icke covers that base by explaining that some of the Presidents weren't literally Rothschilds; they were 'clones' or under the influence. The Rothschilds achieve their vicelike hold over the U.S. Presidency by betting on both sides in all elections so whoever wins owes them.

Isn't this view antiSemitic?

No, answers Icke, it's the Rothschilds who are the antiSemites; they abuse Jews as much as they abuse everyone else. And anyway, the Rothschilds aren't Jews.... they're reptiles. They 'shapeshift.' The Queen is a reptile, too. Princess Di said so. So is Kris Kristofferson (whom Icke resembles.)

"The reptiles are antiSemites?" asks my son when I explain Icke's worldview.

"The reptiles are Jewish?" asks my friend Lita who knows the Rothschilds are Jewish no matter what Icke may think.

The reptiles are twelve feet long (or is it tall?) There are 15-25 'reptilian races' including the Crinklies who are pink and cuddly with old-looking faces, and the Tall Blondes.

Wouldn't shapeshifting into a reptile be grounds for divorce? All right, so the law didn't anticipate this particular problem but doesn't it constitute fraud? Icke doesn't address this point.

The reptile metaphor is intriguing. I can see saying that someone you hate shapeshifts into a reptile. It's not clear, however, the extent to which Icke thinks he's dealing in a metaphor. And what's with the twelve feet?

Courtesy of a computer program to delight the heart of any eight-year-old boy, an Icke lecture opens with a portrait of the Queen and a photo of George Bush Sr. morphing into snakelike creatures.

An effective rabblerouser, Icke (who is not wearing turquoise for this lecture, but maroon) compares people to sheep and tells a story about some pigs who, sensing what's in store, bolt from the slaughterhouse.

"They made it to the news, these pigs," he says in incredulous North country tones. He's no scion of the inbred reptilian 'bloodlines.'

Icke is also preoccupied with the Illuminati, a secret society which, according to some linked websites in Icke's rabbit warren, is related to the Freemasons and Skull and Bones. The Illuminati were founded by a Rothschild and four other men who included the Marquis de Sade. (Women are scarce in this world of blood oaths, some of whose traditions go back to the knights of the Holy Grail.) And to muddy the waters further, since his concern is shared by many valid researchers, Icke also rails about the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations.

I'm reminded of Bruno Bettelheim's observation that lunatics did surprisingly well in concentration camps; the outside world mirrored their inner one. Maybe we too are living in a distorted world which is why, in reference to 9/11, my friend Lita said, "I think in this case the crazies may turn out to be right."

I'm also reminded of a line from a professor I once had: "The reason the devil gets as far as he does in this world is that there's a little bit of truth to what he says."

So where, finally, is the devil in this mosaic of Bushbashers, NeoNazis, snakes, pigs, sheep and a researcher who goes by the name of "the Web Fairy?" Perhaps he's in the details.

Jenna Orkin

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