China-Saudi Arabia oil cooperation is in both countries' interests: FM spokeswoman
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China and Saudi Arabia, to their mutual benefit, will expand energy cooperation, announced Jiang Yu, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, on June 20th.

She said China attaches great importance to international energy cooperation. China has always adhered to the principle of equality in international energy cooperation. It has tried to develop its own and others' particular advantages for mutual benefit and development.

Saudi Arabia is rich in oil resources and China has its own advantages in the field of energy. They can benefit each other. Expanding oil cooperation between these two countries definitely serves their interests, Jiang continued. They will promote cooperation by increasing oil trade and collaborating in the fields of oil-storage, oil refinement, petrochemical production and oil trade

She also said that like some other countries, China will gradually build a mature oil conservation system to prepare for the future and avoid oil shortages.

By People's Daily Online