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Gas from Myanmar  Halliburton Expanding Oil Operations  ...and U.S. Arms Industry  MoU with Japan  Military in Tajikistan  Fourth Largest Wind Industry  Top Envoy Refuses to Leave New Zealand  Ship to Maldives  ...and Central Asia  Boeing Likely to Set Up Shop  Chevron To Buy Into Refinery  Trying to Harness Outer Space  Expects 7 Billion$ Investment in Oil Exploration  MoUs with Afghanistan  Border Security  World Bank in Forests (like Carlyle Group in China)  2 MoUs with U.K. Universities on Hydrocarbons  Working Group with EU on Hydrocarbons  Discussing Energy With EU  To Bypass Bangladesh to Get Myanmar Gas  Caution in FTAs w Developed Nations  Expanding Ties to West Africa  Illegal Trawling Killing Sea Turtles  EU Worried about India and Climate Change  India and U.S. in Coal Project  To "Run Out of Coal" in 40 Years  Taiwan's Target Country for Trade  U.S. Majors Exploring for oil  Naval Exercies with France  India Studies Offered in Singapore Schools  Training of Iranian Navy May Dampen U.S. Support of N Deal  Dubai Ports Deal in Murkier Waters  Trade Ties to UAE  JP Morgan Expanding in I. and Maybe China  Deutsche Bank Increases Operational Staff in I.  Rupee Unleashed  Israeli Co. Gets Telecom Contract  Ties to South Africa Discussed  To Sign Comprehensive Economic Pact with GCC  British Company to Use Jatropha for Biodiesel  Meeting on Energy with EU  Petronet to Get LNG from Australia  Gulf States Trade  Trade with Dubai  Ties to Iran  Shopping Spree for Oil  Pact with Iceland on Culture  Rice Nixxes Consulate in South  Maritime Agreement with South Africa  To Float Rupee  Dubai Ports in India  Eyes FTAs with Indonesia, Korea etc.  Barclay's Investing 70 million$  Aims to Make Currency Convertible  Trade Ties with Taiwan  Discussing Shared Rivers with Bangladesh  To Increase Trade with China  Acquiring European Companies  Security on Nepalese Border  Seven Agreements with Russia  Discusses Gas deal with Gazprom  Tarapur Reactor Deal with Russia  litary Expansion in Andaman Islands  To Boost Trade To Russia to 10Bn  To Step Up Uranium Mining  Goldman Breaks with Billionaire  Iron Ore Output to Jump 6 Times by 2030  Helping China with Renewable Energy  May Limit Steel Exports  Power Station to be Built by Chinese  Company Buys Crude Carrier from Japan  Russian PM Visit  Joint Energy Ventures with China  Nuclear Fuel from Russia for Electricity  Second Missile Test in a Week  Maritime Venture with Finland  Energy Agreement with Mauritius  Defense Ties with Oman  Commitment to Mauritius  U.S. to Invest 100bn in Energy  LNG from Qatar  Free Trade Agreement w S. Africa, Brazil  Oil Imports, Sales to Rise  Gets Energy Projects from Sudan  Missile Test  Border Dispute with China  Energy Accord with Myanmar  Eyeing Petrodollars Once Bound for U.S.  Defense Pact with Mozambique  To Manufacture Semiconductors  Scientists' U.S. Visa Hassles  Citigroup Investing in IState Bank Opens Branch in Shanghai  Iran, Pakistan, India Pipeline  Open to Foreign Listings  Taiwan Exchange  Growth Forecast Exceeds Expectations  Russian Trade Agreement  Thorium for Nuclear?  India/Philippines Defense MoU  India/Saudi Desalination/Energy India/Saudi Terror/Energy Agreement  Bush Visit High Priority:  Rice    Japan Expands LNG in India   Joint Exploration with Shell  CEO Goldman Sachs