WTCEO's Poetry (This is a website; poetry is inevitable)

Dubya's Lament

Wall Street, Wall Street

WTC Enviropoetry

The Earth in Eight Verses

9/11 Poetry

Homage to the WTC Expert Technical Review Panel

Vive, le Real Estate (Rebuilding doggerel)


Pre-9/11 and Peak Oil Writing

A Low-Grade Charge That Never Goes Off (novel excerpt) 

Writer Wannabe Seeks Brush with Death 

Rosalyn Tureck 


Change (Seasons) 

Remembrance of Things Passed and Failed (Teaching Fellowship at Juilliard)  Memories of a Kawaggi in Saudi Arabia 

To Everything There is a Season 

The Last Class (Nadia Boulanger)  

The Meaning of Chimney 

The Joys of Camping 

Have You Got What it Takes To Be Hip?

The Don as Teacher:  William Hickey's Other Role    

Roy Cohn, Rosamund Bernier, The Princess of the Jury and Other Profiles

The Girls of St. Xavier (not its real name)  

Um, Parlez-Vous Engelska? 

Ode Upon Getting to the Bus Stop in Time to Watch Two Busses Go Lumbering Off Together Into the Sunset

Gabriel's Story 

Park Diary