The 9/11 Truth movement is a carnival of characters, earnest, loony or both.  Jarrett Murphy uses this to advantage in his colorful article "The ABC's of 9/11."  (The movement also has many intelligent, hardworking members but they're less entertaining to read about.)  However, separate from the peddlers of theories about nukes, pods and other special effects are important questions about the war games being conducted on 9/11; the highly anomalous put options on United and American Airlines; the role of Dave Frasca of the Radical Fundamentalist Unit of the FBI and Promis software which provided the foundation for Total Information Awareness.  These issues are dealt with in Mike Ruppert's Crossing the Rubicon, (which Murphy mentions) the second best selling book on 9/11 after the Commission Report.  The equally complex engineering questions on the collapse of the towers are explored by Jim Hoffman of   These two, along with , provide the pillars of true 9/11 research.

Jenna Orkin
World Trade Center Environmental Organization