Ode Upon Getting to the Bus-Stop in Time to Watch Two Busses Go Lumbering Off Together into the Sunset

Jenna Orkin

Is it so that we may choose?
Is that why busses come in two's?
Whatever bus you see at random
Always seems to be in tandem.
With this one would find nothing wrong
Were it not for the waiting periods between busses
Which are twice as long.

Neither snow nor hail nor sleet nor rain
Can part the faithful constant twain.
Let anxious commuters get colder and colder,
When the busses finally arrive, they are shoulder to shoulder
As though each were a Siamese brother.
You can't have one without the other.

This close rapport twixt bus and bus
Might begin to bore the rest of us
Save when, to liven up our lives
They come in three's or four's or five's.