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Ocean Hydrodynamics of the Japan and East China SeasProceedings of the 2nd JECSS Workshop, Tsukuba University, Japan, 22-27 April 1983

Edited by
T. Ichiye

Included in series
Elsevier Oceanography Series, 39

The Japan and East China seas are both marginal seas, but have different oceanographical features: the former is a deep basin filled with polar water but a jet-like current in the upper layer, and the latter is a wide continental shelf with two large rivers. This book provides the first synthesis of information on the circulation, hydrography, coastal phenomena, tides, turbidity and wind waves of these seas. Circulation caused by wind, pressure distributions and other effects is discussed with the aid of analytical, numerical and hydraulic models, many of which can also be applied to problems in other seas. New oceanographic techniques covered include remote sensing, drifter tracking and moored current meter system, providing information useful to both researchers and students.

1. Hydrography of Open Seas. 2. Coastal Phenomena. 3. Analytical Modelling. 4. Numerical Modelling. 5. Hydraulic Modelling. 6. Measurement Methodology. 7. Sea Levels and Tidal Currents. 8. Remote Sensing. 9. Turbidity. 10. Wind Waves.

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Hardbound, ISBN: 0-444-42356-7, xviii + 424 pages, publication date: 1984

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