Sick First Responders, Residents et al: Call the Registration Hotline [at Mt. Sinai] at 888-702-0630. If
you've already signed up, but want to change your contact information,
you can call the hotline or go online to

What's the Cost?: The program is free of charge.

Manhattan: Mount Sinai - I. J. Selikoff Center for Occupational and
Environmental Medicine, 10 East 101st St., 2nd Floor. Phone: (212)
241-155, Web site: - clinical - center/
(Exams also conducted in Spanish and Polish);

Bellevue Hospital Center/NYU School of Medicine Division of Occupational
and Environmental Medicine, 462 First Avenue at 27th St., Phone: (212)
562-3849 (Exams also in Spanish).

Queens: Center for the Biology of Natural Systems, Queens College,
163-03 Horace Harding Expressway. Phone: (718) 670-4216 (Exams also in

Suffolk County: The State University of New York, Stony Brook, Long
Island Occupational and Environmental Health Center. Phone: (631)
6429100 Web site:

In Eastern Suffolk: 625 Belle Terre Road, Suite 207, Port Jefferson, NY

In Western Suffolk: 3002 Expressway Drive North, Suite 200A, Islandia,
NY 11749.

Nassau County: Nassau University Medical Center Pulmonary and Critical
Care Division, 2201 Hempstead Turnpike, Phone: (516) 572-8714.

New Jersey-Piscataway: University of Medicine and Dentistry of New
Jersey, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Environmental and
Occupational Health Sciences Institute, 170 Frelinghuysen Road, Phone:
(732) 445-0123 Ext. 601 Web site:

Responders may also change where they want to have their exams by
filling out a location change form or by calling 888-702-0630.

The World Trade Center Health Effects Treatment Program was designed for
workers and volunteers who have health problems caused or aggravated by
their participation in WTC-related efforts. The program treats
WTC-related sinus and breathing difficulties; WTC-related throat
irritation; WTC-related feelings of sadness or depression; and
WTC-related feelings of nervousness or anxiety.

Who is Eligible?: You may be eligible if you were engaged in
first-response, rescue and recovery, service restoration or any of the
clean-up efforts at Ground Zero and other WTC-related sites.

What Kind of Treatments Can I Expect?: The program provides diagnostic
and ongoing medical treatment services for WTC-related medical
conditions. The physicians are specifically trained in the
identification and treatment of workrelated illnesses.

The program can also help you apply for a range of benefits and
entitlements, get financial assistance for medication and, if you are
eligible, apply for health insurance if currently uninsured.

What's the Cost?: No out-of-pocket charges for WTC-related conditions.
If you need outside testing or referrals that can't be conducted at the
clinic, the Health Effects Treatment Program staff will help you arrange
for payment.

How Do I Sign Up?: The program has offices in Manhattan, Queens and
Yonkers. Call any of these numbers: Manhattan: (212) 241-9059, Queens:
(718) 278-2736, Yonkers: (914) 964-4737.

Similar treatment programs given in concert with other area occupational
medicine centers also providing medical monitoring examinations.

The Mount Sinai World Trade Center Mental Health and Screening
Intervention Program is designed to help people cope with the
psychological effects of 9/11 and the stress that can come from being
diagnosed with an illness, or fearing that you might be.

Who is Eligible?: You may be eligible if you were engaged in
first-response, rescue and recovery or any of the clean up effort at
Ground Zero and other WTCrelated sites. This program is staffed with
psychiatrists and social workers who, aside from offering counseling
services, can also help people get the necessary paperwork to file
Workers' Compensation claims, authorize medications and treatments and
assist with the filing of documentation for Social Security and other
benefits. There is no out-of-pocket charge for WTC-related conditions.

How Do I Sign Up?: The best way is to go through the Mount Sinai World
Trade Center Medical Monitoring Program, but you can also call the
program directly at (212) 241-8462.

Mount Sinai also has programs available for WTC-affected area residents
and workers who had to work in the area in contaminated offices, and
residents who live in the affected area. Services offered through the
center as well as at other New York State Network of Occupational Health
Clinics can be reached by calling Mount Sinai at (212) 241-5555. For a
list of other providers, call (800) 458-1158 or go online to